Invoicing and Accounting

When accounting team works together with other teams in a single system, you get magical results. No duplicate data entry, no manual errors, no time wasted emailing reports. Manage all your accounting transactions in an easy to use system.

GST Compliant invoices

Create GST compliant invoices and email them to your customers. Manage all kinds of invoice formats such as supply invoices, service invoices, contract invoices, milestone invoices (SITC), RA bills, pro-rata invoices (contracts). Automatically include contract or project BOQ details in the annexure.

Pending billing alerts

Send billing alerts to the accounts team on approval of a Delivery Note, Contract, Service Report, or Milestone Progress. Avoid invoicing delays using the pending invoice reports.

Milestone based billing (SITC)

Create milestone style billing for SITC projects. Define milestones and percentage payment for each milestone. GrowSmart automatically does the computations for completed milestones.

Running Account (RA) bills

Create running account bills showing so far billed quantities, current billing quantity, and total billed quantities. Avoid spending time on excels tracking your RA bills.

Billing Schedules

Define billing schedules for your contracts. Get timely alerts for billing each schedule. Track the billing status of each schedule.

Proforma Invoices

Send a proforma invoice and receive payment before raising a tax invoice. All details are carried over from orders or projects, so you can create and send proformas in no time.

Receivables and Collections

Manage advance customer payments with proforma invoices and online payment requests. Get accurate outstanding reports. Assign collection representatives and track payment follow ups to get paid faster.

Accounts Receivable

Get accurate reports on amount receivable from your customers (sundry debtors). Analyse receivables by customers, by salespersons, by territories and by age.

Receipts from customers

Track advance receipts from customers against orders or projects. Apply advances against invoices. Create receipts on-account. Manage deductions and retentions.

Customer statements

Access customer statements on the go with the mobile app. Clearly show outstanding invoices with ageing along with the statement of accounts. Email them to your customers without leaving the system.

Activity follow up

Manage collection follow up activities. Assign collection representatives to each customer and capture their phone calls or visits details. Get the complete history of payment collection interactions with a customer.

Calendar and reminders

With scheduled activities, GrowSmart reminds your collection representatives to call customers at the right time for follow up. Collection reps also get a calendar of collection follow ups.

Online Payments

Send a payment request and get paid online with the payment gateway integration. When a customer makes a payment, receipt entries are automatically created.

Payables and Payments

Manage all payments in one streamlined workflow. Payment to suppliers, salary payments, employee expense settlements, customer refunds, or other cash expenses. Get accurate Payable reports along with ageing summary.

Three way matching

Make bill passing a breeze with three way matching of PO, GRN, and Purchase Invoice. Control deviations with exception approval. Attach bill copies and material photographs for faster approvals.

Accounts Payable

Create Purchase Invoices, set due dates, and track accounts payables. View total amount due for payment by age, or by supplier.

Supplier Payments

Keep track of advance payments made to suppliers. Adjust advances against invoices. Make payments against overdue invoices. Apply TDS and other deductions.

Employee Advances

GrowSmart manages the complete process for cash advances made to employees. Make payments against approved claims or advance requests. Track advances with employees.

Payroll Accounting

Configure chart of accounts against payroll components. Automatically create accounting entries for payroll. Book payroll expenses in one period and pay them in the next period.

Payroll Payment Advice

Create a bank payment advice for bulk payment of all salaries. Export all payroll details along with employee bank details to excel for bulk upload in to your bank.

Tally Integration

With our tally connector, key financial transactions created in GrowSmart are automatically synced to Tally. No more double entries or manual errors. Save precious time for your accounting team.

Multiple Companies and currencies

Manage multiple companies in one account. Assign users to specific accounts. Create multi-currency invoices and payments for both purchase and sales. Get outstanding statements in foreign currency and local currency.

Aggregate Reports

Get reports for a single company, or get aggregated reports for multiple companies at once.

Common chart of accounts

All of your companies share the same chart of accounts. No more pains of repeating the same account multiple times for each company.

Currency Gain/Loss accounting

GrowSmart automatically adjusts forex gain or loss due to fluctuations between invoice date and payment date.

Cheque Printing

Avoid errors and inconsistencies with the cheque printing feature. Both laster printers and dot-matrix printers for cheque rolls are supported.

Accurate Reports

With integrated attendance and leave, processing payrolls is easy. GrowSmart automatically calculates the payable pay days and does all computations including statutory components. With the payroll batch feature, you can just review the payroll for all employees and approve at once.

Accounts Receivable

Get customer wise, salesperson wise receivable report (sundry creditors). Get ageing summary. Provide visibility to the sales team on the go.

Accounts Payable

Get supplier wise, bill wise payable report (sundry debtors) along with ageing summary. Provide visibility to the purchase team so that they can handle supplier conversations better.

GSTR Reports

Download GSTR-1 report and upload to GSTN. With in built validations, correct all errors before uploading the invoice data.

P&L, Balance Sheet

View Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. View monthly or quarterly comparisons. Aggregate data for more than one company and view the totals.

Revenue Recognition (AS7) Report

Run multi-year projects? Use the automated AS7 reports to determine revenue to be recognised in a financial year. Create journals based on the report data.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

With the powerful report builder, create custom reports to meet specific requirements. Build data-rich dashboards for your management.

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