Project Execution & Control

Confidently scale your project business on a complete digital platform built for Project Contractors. No more concerns about complexity of operations. Manage detailed estimates, quotations, indenting, purchases, work orders, cash expenses, and progress-billing. GrowSmart applies variance controls at each step of the process.

Create BOQs without much effort

Setting up the BOQ is the first step in successful tracking of your projects. We have made it as easy as possible to set up BOQs - whether you are importing a BOQ provided by the client, or you are creating your own BOQ.

Excel Import

Create customer BOQs easily with the excel import option. You can copy-paste in excel and validate with the master data. Rectify errors all within excel, and then import at one shot.

BOQ Amendments

Amend BOQs and maintain multiple versions. Before approving a new version, easily compare with previous version with automatic highlighting of changes made. Avoid errors and surprises.

Copy existing BOQs

Creating your own BOQ? Start by copying a previous job's BOQ and save time. Send quotes quicker to your customers.

Set up detailed own cost estimates

Create detailed own-cost estimates for your projects. Budget for material, labour, and other expenses against specific BOQ lines, or for the entire project. Create controlled revisions with approval workflow. Maintain multiple versions of cost estimates.

Line level estimates

Associate cost items with each line in your BOQ. All actual costs are tracked against BOQ line level, which makes it easier to identify and control variances.

Material, labour, other expenses

Set up detailed quantity and cost estimate for material, labour, and other expenses (e.g. transportation) for each line.

Overheads and common expenses

Create cost items for overhead expenses such as insurance, rent etc. Add material and labour for overall consumption that is not related to a BOQ line item (e.g. site cleaning).

RFQ for price discovery

While creating an estimate, send out Request for Quote to multiple suppliers and get the best quote - exclusively for each project. Issue PO at the time of execution along with the supplier's quote no.

Amendments & versions

For scope changes, amend and create a new version of the estimation. Track the multiple versions. GrowSmart automatically highlights the differences between the versions, so it becomes easy for you to review the changes.

Send professional quotations

After importing BOQ, manage the complete workflow for estimation, mark up pricing, reviews and approvals. Send beautiful, professionally made quotations generated by the system in no time.

Cost + mark up

Review the cost items against each BOQ line at once. Apply markup percentage on cost to arrive at the selling price. Apply different markup percentages for different sections of the BOQ.

Estimated Margin view

View the estimated margin before approving a quotation. Check margin for individual lines as well for different sections in the BOQ.

Rate Only items

Capture Rate Only items in your BOQ without entering quantity. Growsmart appropriately treats such items for variance control and reports.

Separate rate for material and labour

With the split rate option, show material rate and labour rate separately for each BOQ line item.

Follow up reminders

Email quotations to customers directly from GrowSmart. Add follow-up activities and get alerted for planned followups in the mobile app. Track all quotes until closure.

Streamline material purchases

Manage the entire material lifecycle from indenting to consumption in a seamless fashion. Let your entire team from site engineers to purchase executives work together with the same data and watch efficiency go up magically.

App-based material indents

Let your site engineers create material indents with the mobile app. Select from the pre-authorised list of materials to prevent errors. No more WhatsApp indents and rekeying data.

Purchase Planner

Get a consolidated tracker for all indents waiting to be purchased across all projects. Avoid repeat data entry and save time by converting indents to purchase orders.

Purchase Orders

Create and send professional Purchase Orders. Get the POs approved from project managers or purchase managers in the mobile app.

Variance Control

Variances in quantity and rate are controlled at the indenting stage as well as PO stage. GrowSmart automatically checks for variations and asks for exception approval. Avoid surprises and protect margins.

App based GRN

Site engineers can create GRN from the site. They attach photographs of material received and supplier bills in the mobile app. Bill passing by accounts is very simple and effective with the proofs.

Site specific warehouses

Maintain site-specific inventory. GrowSmart automatically creates a site-warehouse for each project. Get site-specific inventory reports at any time.

Cash Advances and Local Purchases

Create cash advances (IMPREST) requests and manage their approvals. Create settlement entries against the advances granted for any local purchases and associate relevant projects.

Stock Transfers

Manage stock transfers from central warehouse to a site warehouse. Transfer unused inventory from site at the end of a project. Manage transfers between projects.

Contractor Work Orders

Get your sub-contracting process completely organised. From tracking work orders, advances paid to contractors, tracking work completion, invoicing and payments, you have control over the entire cycle - without the laborious manual work.

Professional Work orders

Quickly create and send professionally made work orders to your contractors. Copy all data from your estimates. Reduce manual data entry and errors.

Variance control

Apply quantity and rate variance control at the time of issuing work orders. Avoid end-of-project surprises and protect margins.

Work certification

Let your site engineer create Work Progress certifications against Work Orders using the mobile app. Have control over bill passing and contractor payments.

Project schedule and progress

Set up project schedule with different activities and planned start and end times. Update progress of activities. Review project progress in a visual fashion with gantt charts. Download gantt chart in excel and email it to your customers for progress updates. All without using complex external tools!

Send error-free invoices on time

Create invoices for the BOQ. Support different invoicing scenarios such as supply jobs, installation jobs, SITC jobs, running bills etc. Avoid manual invoice creation and manual tracking of pending invoice list.

Unbilled Inventory Report

Get reports of delivered items not yet invoiced for a project. For milestone billing, get reports and alerts for certified milestones to be invoiced.

Progress Billing (RA Bills)

Create running bills clearly showing BOQ Value, So far billed value, and current invoice value. Add an annexure with the detailed break-down.

Milestone Billing

Create SITC style milestone billing. Create invoices based on completion of each milestone. Invoice multiple milestone stages in a single invoice.

GST compliant invoices

Create GST complaint invoices. Attach detailed split up of BOQ details in the annexure. Avoid manual work and send professional and error free invoices to your customers.

Advances, Deductions and Retentions

Create pro-forma for advances. Apply advances pro-rata to invoices. See clear statement with advances, retentions, deductions, and net receivable amount from customer.

Get Instant, Accurate Reports

Post-project closure reports are good, but not good-enough. Compiling data from multiple excels and systems is not only time-consuming, but also very error prone. GrowSmart provides instant and accurate reports for all areas of project execution.

Estimated vs Actual Profit

Find out the Expected vs Actual Gross Margin for your projects. Drill down and understand root cause of variance with line level profit variance analysis.

Cost variance report

Get accurate cost variance reports against each line of your estimation. Quantity variance, cost variance, non-budgeted items are clearly indicated.

Work-In-Progress Report

Get itemised work-in-progress report for each project. Submit accurate WIP statement every month to the bank instantly and accurately.

Cashflow reports

Analyse the cashflow position at a project level. Get Project wise receivables and project wise payables reports.

Material Consumption Report

Get detailed reports of material consumed with split up of estimated quantity, indented quantity, stored inventory, and consumed quantity.

Purchase Savings Report

Find out the effectiveness of your purchase team with the Purchase Savings Report. Find out itemised and project level purchase savings reports.

Revenue Recognition Report (AS7)

For projects that span across financial years, revenue recognition is a challenge. Get Billing in Excess of Revenue or Revenue in Excess of Billing, and WIP reports as per AS7 standard.

Custom Reports

Use the powerful report builder feature to create reports and role specific MIS dashboards with the data from all departments.

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