Inventory Management

Manage your inventory effectively with modern tools. With comprehensive features such as barcode support, warehouse bin tracking, site inventory tracking, your warehouse staff can locate and issue items faster than even before.

Accurate stock visibility

Maintain accurate stock at each warehouse. Let your stores team focus on receiving materials and not worrying about keeping ledgers. From multiple units of measurement to sales kit, provide stock visibility to sales and other team members. Avoid phone calls and emails to the stores team.

Multiple UoM

Maintain multiple units of measure and conversion factors. GrowSmart automatically maintains stock based on the selected unit of measure.

Dual UoM

For material items which are billed based on weight, maintain separate stock unit and billing unit. Do not compromise stock counting for billing convention.

Sales kit stock

Check the available stock for kit units. GrowSmart automatically checks the stock for sub-items and shows you how many kits are available to sell.

Multiple warehouse and bin management

Maintain inventory at multiple warehouses or office store locations. Increase speed of picking with bin management. Effectively track inventory available on the field project sites and service technicians.

Project specific warehouses

Maintain site inventory with automated warehouse creation for every project. Site specific warehouse is selected for all project specific transactions.

Bin tracking

Divide your warehouse into sub-locations (racks and bins) and track stock at each sub-location. Reduce the time taken to pick products from the racks.

Bag stock management

Track the items issued to service technicians and current stock available with each of them. Manage return of unused products.

Item traceability with Serial and batch tracking

Create Purchase Requests for stock purchases, internal material requirements. Get approvals from department heads. Convert Purchase Requests to Purchase Orders and automatically notify requestor at every step of the process until the material reaches them.

Serial Nos

Track manufacturer serial numbers or assign auto-generated serial numbers. See available serial numbers on the stock. Check the status of any serial number.

Batch Nos

Capture batch numbers for items. Check the available batch numbers in stock. Track manufacturing date and expiration date for consumables.

Movement traceability

Maintain end-to-end traceability of an item using batch number of serial number. GrowSmart gives you complete transaction history from supplier to customer.

Barcode and QR Code

Create and send RFQs to discover the best rates for your new items. Link RFQs to a project and get project specific rates from your suppliers.

Label Printing

Print barcode or QR codes labels for equipments or spares from GrowSmart. No need of using external software to assign and print barcodes.

Multiple template support

Design barcodes or QR codes of different sizes based on equipment or spare sizes. Choose from the required template based on the item.

Barcode Scanner Support

Use barcode scanners to scan serial numbers at the time of delivery. Scan bar codes to check the complete stock movement history of an item.

Accurate Reports

GrowSmart gives you accurate reports of stock by quantity and value. Reduce time spent on record keeping and increase efficiency of stores or site staff.

Stock Statement

Get stock available in different warehouses. Organise stock report by item category or by sub locations (bins/racks).

Stock Valuation Report

Get the accurate value of stock available at each warehouse or project sites. Submit inventory reports to your bank in no time.

Stock Ageing

Find out the ageing summary of different items in your inventory. Promote offers and liquidate slow moving items, or items risking warranty.

Transaction History

See complete transaction history of an item with all receipts and deliveries. Make stock reconciliation process easier and quicker.

As-on Date Reports

Find out stock available today or on a day in the past. Comes very handy for auditing and reconciliation.

Custom Reports

Use our custom report builder to create reports for very specific needs. For instance, find out the total value of stock by principal across all warehouses.

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