Field Service Management

GrowSmart provides comprehensive features to manage end-to-end Service Operations. Manage service contracts (AMC), service calls, PM schedules, spare requests, invoicing, and more in a single, well-integrated system. Optimise technician productivity and increase customer delight through digital tools.

All Service Calls in one place

Capture customer Service Calls from multiple channels and track them till closure in one centralised system. Service done at the customer's location, calls resolved online, or equipments repaired at your service station - with GrowSmart, you can track them all in a single database.

Multiple Channels

Capture Service Calls from multiple sources - IVR, Customer self-service app, Technician mobile app, Website contact form, customer emails - you can create a service call automatically for all of them.

Pending Call Alerts

Give real-time visibility of pending service calls, pending reasons, ageing status, and SLA status to your coordinators and technicians. Send escalation alerts to managers. Complete calls faster.

Preventative Maintenance (PMS)

Set up PM schedules. Get alerts for upcoming schedules for the month. Create PM calls for all customers at once. Accurately track PM completion status.

Installation Calls

Get delivery alerts from the sales team. Automatically copy sales data and create equipments in just one click. Track the installation call status and complete installations on time.

In-house Service Calls

Sometimes equipment needs repair at your service station. Track in-house service calls and their status at each step. From bringing the equipment from the customer location until it is sent back to the customer.

Online Service Calls

You've completed a service call just with a phone call, or through online troubleshooting? Create and track online Service Calls and complete them in just a few clicks.

Assign technicians quickly

With the Scheduling and Dispatching console, quickly match an available technician to a Service Call - in an easy and visual fashion. With tools such as visual console and map view, provide faster response times and increase Technician Utilisation.

Multiple technician allocation

For large installed bases, assign multiple technicians to a single Service Call. At the same time, or at different times. Track the time spent by each technician separately.

Live progress monitoring

Monitor the progress of service calls in real time. Previous service call taking longer than expected? Simply reschedule the next call with easy drag and drop. Update the customer through auto notifications.

PMS Appointment Scheduling

Let your coordinators call a customer in just one click and schedule PM service for the upcoming weeks. Schedule appointments now, and assign a technician later.

Map based assignment

View the location of technicians and customers in the map view. Quickly allocate the nearest available technician to a Service Call. Reduce travel time, accelerate first response and increase technician utilisation.

Leaves and holidays

Avoid errors by seeing the leave information of technicians and the local holidays for each location. Find out the attendance check-in status of a technicians before assigning a service call.

Non-service activities

Track non-service activities from the scheduling console and gain productivity insights. Measure how much time is spent on training, or local spare purchase.

Increase technician productivity

Give your technicians the digital assistant they deserve and see their productivity surpass your expectations. GrowSmart mobile app is fully featured to make your technicians the trusted advisors of your customers. The app is available for Android and iOS and works with mobile and tablet devices.

Paperless Service Reports

Automatically create comprehensive and professional Service Reports on the app with a few taps. Get customer's e-signature or OTP and send the service report to customer instantly.

New Service Call alerts

Get push notification alert in the app when a new service call is assigned to a technician. Each technician gets a clear pending call list, so nothing is missed out.

Driving directions

Tap on a button and get driving directions to the customer's location. Get traffic conditions and fastest route to the customer's place.

Spare Requests

Let your technicians create spare requests from the app. With the spare mapping feature, your technician just needs to select from the pre-mapped spares, without spending time searching for a spare.

GPS tagged check-in

Capture accurate timing and location of the technicians with GPS-enabled check-in and check-out. Notify customers when the technician checks-in or checks-out.

Equipment 360 - Service History

Clearly catalogue your installed base and tag all transactions and actions with equipments. Unlock deep insights and enforce intelligent controls by combining data for an equipment from multiple functions and sources - contract, service, inventory, sales, device sensors etc.

Equipment Master

Maintain a single database of all equipments. You can assign unique numbers, manage serial numbers, track the installed location, upload photographs and more.

360 degree service history

Get complete service history of an equipment instantly - complaints, PMS status, technicians worked, service rendered, spared replaced, contract coverage etc. Provide right diagnosis and up sell recommendations.

QR Codes

Generate and print branded QR codes for your equipments. Scan a QR code to select an equipment in a service call, or to view the service history of the equipment.

Equipment Groups

Group your equipments into systems or circuits. Easily find out all equipments in a circuit and their location. Get reports on all services done for a circuit and it's equipments.

Facility Master

If you do operations and maintenance contracts, create and manage all facilities in a single database. Assign a unique id and location for each facility. View the complete service history of a facility in just a few taps.

Manage and grow Service Contracts (AMC)

Service and maintenance contracts (AMC, CMC) are a source of steady cash flow. With an effective system in place, you can create a loyal and profitable customer base through these contracts. GrowSmart helps you increase contract revenue, increase renewal ratio, improve contract cash flow, and reduce service penalties.

Multiple Contract types

Configure different types of contracts  - Warranty, Labour Contract, Comprehensive Contract, etc. Set up PMS entitlements, number of free visits, covered spares and services for each type.

Contract Sales and renewal

Create and send professionally made contract quotations. Track the follow up and closure status for each quote. For renewals, automatically generate renewal quotes.

Capacity based pricing

Set up contract rates based on equipment properties such as Tonnage, HP etc. GrowSmart automatically sets the right pricing based on the equipment's capacity.

Welcome letter

Send an auto-generated welcome letter or contract activation certificate with the details of equipment, entitlements, and the schedule of PMS services.

Billing schedules and alerts

For large-value contracts, set up flexible billing schedules. Get billing alerts at the right time. GrowSmart automatically calculates the prorated billing amount. Get a detailed report of all billing schedules and their current billing status.

Operations and Maintenance Contracts

GrowSmart offers ready support for Operations and Maintenance contracts. You can set up facilities, operator types and rates, track attendance, and create monthly invoices.

Service Estimates and Invoicing

Let your engineers create and send estimates from the mobile app. When the customer accepts the estimate, convert it to a payment request and get paid online. After completion of service, send a GST compliant invoice. The complete process is seamlessly managed without repeat data entry or errors.

Service Estimates

Create professional quality estimates for chargeable spares and labour. Get estimates reviewed and approved by managers through the mobile app. Automate pricing with multiple price lists for different customer segments.

Proforma Invoices

Convert your estimates to pro-forma invoices with just one click. Email them to your customer directly from within the app. Create advance receipt entries against pro-forma invoices.

Online Payment Requests

Create online payment requests from the mobile app and send them to customers. Get paid online through UPI, credit card, debit card, internet banking or mobile wallets.

Service Invoices

Create GST compliant service invoices for chargeable labour and spare parts. Get pending list and alerts for service calls to be invoiced. Avoid revenue leakage and improve cashflow.

Streamline spare requests

Manage the complete lifecycle of spare requests from requisition to issue. Prevent customer escalations on account of untracked spare requests. Reduce revenue leakage on account of erroneous entitlement checks.

Spare Requests and Approvals

Service Technicians can create spare requests from their mobile app. Service managers get notified instantly and they can approve spare requests from the mobile app.

Van stock or bag stock Management

Track spare items issued to the bag stock of your technicians. Technicians can report utilisation from their bag stocks against a service call. Get accurate reports about bag stock available with different technicians.

Contract Entitlements

Prevent false claims with automated entitlement checks for spare requests. GrowSmart automatically prompts for an exception approval if a non-covered spare is requested free of cost.

Check previous issue details

Managers can check the previous spares issued for an equipment while approving a new spare request. Identify the root cause of repeat requests and take action such as discontinuing the contract or new equipment sales proposals.

Spare warranty

Assign auto-generated serial numbers for high-value spares and track the warranty of spares. Prevent wrong claims by having tamper-proof QR code labels and QR code scanning support.

Provide Digital Customer Experience

Be the pioneer in providing the best-in-class customer experience in your market segment, powered by digital tools. Provide frictionless service experience through the entire service journey.

Customer self-service App

Provide a branded mobile app to you customers. Give the convenience of creating a Service Request 24x7 with just a few taps. Provide ongoing updates in the app until call closure.

Online Payments

Create and send payment requests. Accept online payment through UPI, Internet Banking, e-wallets, credit card, or debit cards. Provide instant acknowledgement to payments made.

Online Call feedback

Send a branded link to customers to get their feedback on call completion. Get feedback in a just a few taps. Avoid annoying phone calls for feedback.

Cloud Telephony

Greet your customers by name. Provide ready answers to customers queries when they call your customer care. Access call recordings with customers right from the Service Call and coach your coordinators.

Whatsapp or SMS notifications

Notify your customers on call creation, technician assignment, and call closure. Send notifications via email, SMS, or Whatsapp.

Get Instant, Accurate Reports

Get error-free and instant reporting insights and take data-driven decisions. GrowSmart gives you powerful reports out-of-the-box. With report builder and dashboard builder, you can configure your own reports and analytics dashboards.

Service Call Reports

Get detailed analysis of Service Calls and closure. Find out the top customers and most frequent complaint categories. Get insights into response time and resolution time across technicians and territories.

Technician performance Report

Analyse the performance of your technicians across parameters such as utilisation, number of calls, revenue generated, equipments serviced etc. Compare relative performance with analytics charts.

Performance Targets

Set performance targets for your technicians, coordinators, and managers on multiple flexible criteria. Find out the targets vs actuals at the end of the month. Provide target achievement progress on the mobile app.

Profitability Reports

Get profitability reports for your contracts. Find out your most profitable and least profitable customers. Get a break up of the different costs and their contribution. Get profitability of paid service calls without contract.

Contract Renewal Reports

Understand your contract renewal ratio across different territories and customer segments. Analyse the reasons for lost renewals and take appropriate corrective action.

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