HR & Payroll Management

From managing employee database to payroll, GrowSmart provides comprehensive HR features. Manage attendance, holidays, leave, and payroll in a fully integrated fashion. Enable employee self service and let employees access their data anytime.

Manage employee records centrally

Avoid storing sensitive employee details in spreadsheets. Maintain them in a well-organised system with proper access controls. From joining till termination, easily access all employee documents in one place.

Employee Master

Manage all employee details in the Employee Master - personal particulars, employment status, pay levels, etc. You can also audit the changes made to employee particulars.

Hierarchy and Pay levels

Set up reporting manager hierarchies. Create multiple pay levels and add employees to them. Use pay levels to define leave and other benefits.

Document Library

Securely store all employee documents in access controlled Document Library folders. Retrieve them instantly without searching through shared folder drives.

Attendance Management

Capture attendance for all employees - whether they are at the office or at the site. Get accurate attendance reports with dates worked, late presence, shortage hours etc.

GPS Tagged Attendance

For field employees, provide the convenience of recording attendance through their mobile app. GPS locations are automatically tracked, increasing the reliability of data.

Biometric Devices

Automatically sync attendance data from biometric attendance devices or card readers.

Attendance Reports

Get consolidated attendance summary reports with details such as number of days worked, average work hours, late occurrences, attendance shortage instance etc.

Leave Management

Define leave eligibility per pay level, add leaves to all employees at once. Automatically maintain leave ledger for all employees. Manage approval workflows using the mobile apps.

Leave Entitlements

Set up eligible number of leaves per quarter or year to different pay levels. Set up different categories and manage expiration and carryover. Allocate leaves to all employees at once every quarter.

Leave Request Approval

Employees can request for leaves in their mobile app. Managers can approve leaves in the app. GrowSmart automatically takes care of validating and updating leave balances.

Credits and Adjustments

Need a comp-off? Want to deduct leaves for exceptional cases? With Leave Adjustments, HR can add or deduct leaves for an employee with sufficient access.

Expense Requests (Imprest)

Manage complete expense request lifecycle with approval workflows. Raise advance requests, approve claims and reimbursements, provide digital receipt copies using the employee self service app. Make it a breeze to manage expense requests.

Advance Requests

Employees can request advances for sales trips or site visits from their phone. GrowSmart handles the complete approval workflow until accounts team creates payment entries.

Claims & Reimbursements

Employees can submit expense claims with their mobile phone under different expense categories. After manager approval, accounts can adjust claims against advances, or make new payment.

Digital Proofs

No more moving paper from desk to desk. Employees can upload receipt copies directly using their mobile app cameras. Receipts travel through the entire approval workflow.

Payroll and Payslip

With integrated attendance and leave, running payrolls is easy. GrowSmart automatically calculates the payable pay days and does all computations including statutory components. With the payroll batch feature, you can just review the payroll for all employees and approve at once.

Pay Structure

Set up pay structures for every employee. Control multiple pay structures with effective dates for promotions and pay revisions.

Payroll Batch

Run payroll for all employees at once. Review the payable pay days calculated by the system, make adjustments if needed. Payslips are ready for your review and approval in minutes.


Automated computations for PF, ESI, and LWF. GrowSmart also takes care of creating appropriate accounting entries for both employee contribution and employer contibution.

Manual Adjustments

All of the computations are automatically computed for you. You can use manual components such as incentives at once for all employees. You also get the flexibility to override the automated computations.

TDS and Verification

TDS deductions are automatically applied. Your HR team can upload proofs for IT exemption under different sections. GrowSmart automatically takes them into consideration for TDS computation.

Employee Self Service App

Give your employees the convenience of self service. They can download payslips, apply for leave requests, submit expense requests for approval, view upcoming holidays, all on their own using the mobile app. Your HR gets more bandwidth to focus on quality work.

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