GrowSmart integrates with leading service providers to leverage their multiple capabilities. Your users enjoy the benefit of working on a single system.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Already using GSuite or Microsoft Teams? Use the same user account to login to GrowSmart. Avoid one more user name and password. More convenience and better security.

Payment Gateways

GrowSmart readily integrates with PayU, RazorPay, and PayTM gateways. Get customer payments online and automatically create accounting entries.

Cloud Telephony

With our Exotel integration, provide the convenience of one-click calling, call pop-ups, and anywhere access for your telephony system. Call recordings are also available for instant reference. If you use asterisk based on-premise system, you can integrate them with GrowSmart too.

SMS Gateways

Integrate SMS gateways and send transactional SMS to your customers. Ready integrations are available with select SMS gateways so you can get started quickly.

Whatsapp API

Send transactional alerts to your customers through Whatsapp without Whatsapp API integration.

Two-way Emails

Connect your GSuite, Office365, or other popular email accounts. Send emails without leaving GrowSmart. See customer or supplier responses to your emails within the context of a transaction.

Tally Integration

GrowSmart readily integrates with Tally. All of the accounting entries you create in GrowSmart are automatically synced to your Tally. Avoid double entry and increase accuracy of accounting data.

API Integration

With our REST APIs, you can integrate with other software such as SAP or IoT devices . You can push new data to GrowSmart from external systems, or access GrowSmart data from external systems.

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