CRM and Sales

GrowSmart gives you all essential features required by your sales executives to follow up, quote, and close orders. Your sales managers get centralised visibility of pipeline and follow up status. Keep your team motivated with performance targets. Result-oriented features, less data entry, easy to use.

All leads in one place

Capture and maintain all leads and sales enquiries in one place. Assign them to Salespersons. Classify them by stages and track progress. Get pipeline reports by maturity stage or expected closure.

Leads integrations

Capture leads from multiple sources. Website contact form, India-mart sell leads, Email enquiries - configure these sources to create leads from them automatically.

Lead acknowledgement

Send an automated email or SMS acknowledgement to your prospects as soon a lead is created. Show them you are professional.

Custom stages

Define customised stages for your sales pipeline. Visualise your leads in a Kanban board and easily move them between stages with just drag and drop.

Follow-up on time

Plan and complete your follow-up  activities to progress leads. GrowSmart alerts you so that follow up happens on time. Get automated Activity Reports. Reduce data entry.

Geo-tagged activities

Track the geo-location (GPS) of your Salespersons when they visit a customer. Increase reliability of visit data.

Follow up alerts

Get notified about upcoming sales activities right within the app. An alert right on time ensures that your follow up success is very high and timely.

Followup Calendar

Increase the productivity of your Salespersons with a system-generated follow up calendar. Reschedule events by drag and drop.

Send professional quotations

Create and send professional quotations in minutes. Include product images and detailed specifications. Manage discount slabs and limit based approvals. Maintain revisions of a quotation with the amendment feature.

Item Add-ons

Configure add-ons for your equipments. GrowSmart automatically suggests add-ons while quoting for the item, maximising the order value.

Check Inventory

Find out the stock position of an item at multiple warehouses without leaving the quotation screen. Find available stock and committed stock.

Profitability Analysis

Check the profitability of a quotation after all discounts and confidently approve quotations. Automated cost calculation takes care of landed cost.

Multi-level Approvals

Configure approval criteria. Set limit based approvals. Effortlessly get instant approvals from different people with the mobile app.

Discounts modes

Enter discounts in percentage or in absolute value. Give discount for each item, or given an overall discount. GrowSmart intelligently applies it to items accordingly.

Tax-inclusive Prices

Show tax-exclusive prices for B2B customers and tax-inclusive prices for B2C customers. Simple and straightforward.

Track and fulfil Sales Orders

Create sales orders for approved quotations. Manage reviews and approvals by different teams. Send order acknowledgements to customer. Track the delivery and invoicing status accurately.

Order Acknowledgement

Send acknowledgement for approved orders. Include commercials, terms, and committed delivery date.

Credit Limits

Set and manage credit limits for customers and salespersons. Get exception approval alerts for over-limit cases.

Overdue Invoices

If customer has unpaid invoices beyond due date, get exception approval at the time of order approval.

Pending Orders

Get clear visibility of pending orders. Get alerts for orders with delayed delivery.

Order modifications

Customers change their mind all the time. Amend order and track multiple versions. Pre-close customer orders.

Hold orders

Temporarily hold orders’ execution when there is an issue or dispute.

Performance targets and reports

Set performance targets for each Salesperson. Show performance targets and achievement on the mobile app to motivate Salespersons. Get detailed performance metrics such as activities, orders, collections in a single screen.

Advanced targets

Configure targets by principle, or by capacity of units sold (e.g. TR). Set multiple targets for the same salesperson.

Incentive Reports

Configure incentive criteria and get automated incentive reports with a customisable report builder.

Team level targets

Set targets for different teams and then break it down for individual salespersons. Measure actuals at the team level.

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