Collaboration and Productivity

Collaboration tools have a limitation - they lack context. GrowSmart gives you collaboration "in-context" and makes your teams faster than ever! Want to discuss about a Purchase Order, initiate a conversation right within the PO. Emails, documents, text or voice notes - specific to each transaction, on the go!

Keep all documents in one place

Documents and files are a major part of day to day work. Product catalogues, company collaterals, project design files - securely manage all of them in one centralised Document Library. All of your team members have access to the latest version of all documents, right when and where they need them.

Well organised folders

Create folders and sub-folders and neatly organise your documents. Your users can easily find the required documents in a familiar folder hierarchy.

Access controls

Secure your files with role based access control. Give permission to specific folders for required roles or individual users. All docs in one place, but your users only see what they need to see.

Attach in Emails

Easily attach documents such as company profile or product catalogues while sending an email to a customer. There is no need to download and upload files between multiple software.

Work together with the super-board

All work you do is team work. But a lot of context gets buried in conversations, excel files, emails etc. Super-board brings it all together and provides rich context for every single transaction. Watch your team productivity soar with contextual collaboration.

Text notes

Quickly add a text note to pass information to everyone working on a transaction. Copy-paste key details from customer emails. Add private notes for personal reference.

Voice Notes

No time to type? Simply record and attach voice notes from the mobile app. Pass detailed instructions to everyone working on a transaction - effortlessly and effectively!

File Attachments

Customer signed copies, vendor invoices, design and drawing files, upload all of them to the super-board. Find them easily any time in the future. No more searching through shared folders.

Activities and to-dos

Want support from a team member for a quotation? Simply create an activity and assign it to them. Add a due date. Track it's completion status. No more time consuming emails and file sharing.

Email conversations

Working on a customer quotation? See all of your emails and customer responses right on the super-board. Reply to customer messages without leaving the context of the transaction.

Phone conversations

With the integrated cloud telephony, listen to recorded customer calls specific to each transaction. Use recorded conversations to resolve disputes, or to coach your team members.

Get more stuff done with work-list and tasks

Get a system-generated work list with all alerts and approvals waiting for your action. Organise all of your work with the Activities feature. Schedule to-dos on the calendar and get reminders for completion. Track the status of work assigned to other team members.

Pending work list

Get a consolidated list of all work items pending for your attention on the Work-list. Example: Purchase Orders waiting for approval, Overdue Orders, Leads for Follow up.

Task Management

Create activities for yourself or assign them to other team members. Track all tasks created by you or assigned to you. Attach files and add notes to your tasks.

Calendar and alerts

Plan your days effectively with the activity calendar. Reschedule activities with just drag and drop. Get alerts on the mobile app for time critical activities.

Transaction specific tasks

Create activities related to specific project, Sales Order, or any transaction. Open the related transaction from an activity and get the complete context.

Activity Types

Configure different activity types. Measure the time spent by different employees on different types of activities. Unlock insights about work patterns and improve productivity.

Keep everyone informed through notifications

Need an approval for an Item Request, you no longer need to send an email. Automated notifications ensure that the approver is notified. Keep communication freely flowing in your teams and increase productivity. Send push notifications on the mobile app or the desktop for key events.

Configure notification events

Use the out of the box notifications or configure your own conditions for sending notifications. Choose users or roles to notify for different events.

Notification Center

View all notifications at once in the notification centre. Open the respective transaction with a single click. Track the read/unread status. Mark a notification as unread so that you can get back to it later.

SMS, Email, WhatsApp

Send internal or customer notifications through email or SMS. Send transactional notifications to your customers through Whatsapp.

Mobile apps for on-the-go access

Get the convenience of anytime, anywhere access in your pockets. With fully featured mobile apps, you can provide approvals, access key customer information, complete your activities, access dashboards and more.

Fully featured native apps

Mobile apps have the same features as the desktop for included transactions. You do not need to compromise functionality for convenience. All of your customisations are also available on the apps.

iOS and Android

Mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android, so almost all your team members can use the apps. Apps are available for both mobile devices and tablet devices (iPad).

Rich device features

Enjoy rich device features such as one touch dialling, navigation for addresses, adding voice notes with microphone, and uploading photographs with the camera.

Get instant and accurate reports and dashboards

Collecting data from multiple systems and collating them in excel is both time consuming and error prone. Being an integrated system, GrowSmart provides you all reports instantly and accurately. Accessible from anywhere, any device!

Rich report gallery

Choose from a rich gallery of reports based on industry best practices. Create rich visualisations such as bar charts, line charts, pie charts, pivot tables etc.

No-code reports

Combine data from different modules with data sets. Create your own reports with our interactive report builder - without using any code!

Dashboard Builder

Create role specific MIS dashboards. Dashboards are also accessible from mobile and tablet devices.

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