GrowSmart comes with extensive features to enable effective data security administration. Your team members access only the data they have a need to access, only when they need to access.

Role Based Access Control

With Role Based Access Control, your employees only see what you need them to see. Use preconfigured roles or create custom roles. Define permissions levels based on roles and assign employees to specific roles based on their job function. Providing access to new joiners is easy - just add them to the required role.

Login Security

From password management to single sign-on, login security features ensures that you have full control over how your users login to access your data.

Single Sign On

Use single sign on with Google GSuite or Microsoft teams. Your users use the same user name and password that they use for their email. You can also enable Multi-Factor-Authentication with these services, which will apply for SSO as well.

IP Based Login

Restrict login access of some team members only to your office networks with static IP. Prevent access from outside networks.

Login Register

Have an audit trail of all user log-ins. You can get a report on the time of login along with the IP address for all logins.

Data Access Rules

Restrict data access only to a limited subset, without sharing all data with all your users. For example, let your salespersons access only the leads that they are working on. Let your accounts team access data only for the current financial year. You can configure rules with dynamic criteria.

Biometric / FaceID Authentication

Secure your mobile apps with biometric access or face id authentication. When you open the app, there will be an added layer of protection - pattern, passcode, fingerprint, or faceid.

Audit Trails for changes

Find out who has approved a Purchase Order and when. All changes made to key transactions in the system are audit-logged. Enable fields and log changes to the field value with the user and timestamp.

Instantly Revoke Access

When a team member leaves your company, disable them and instantly revoke access. All of their current sessions - desktop or mobile -are immediately revoked.

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