Purchase Management (Procurement)

Empower your Purchase executives with speed and accuracy. Manage pending indents, RFQs for price discovery, multi-level approval workflows, GRN, all bill passing without hopping around multiple software or excels.

Intelligent Purchase Planner

An error free and up-to-date list of items to be purchased is a critical first step to ensure that you have items available on time and to prevent excessive purchases or dead-stock. GrowSmart gives you intelligent purchase recommendation based on multiple criteria.

Stock Purchase

Create stock purchase orders based on available physical stock, Pending Sales Orders, Pending Purchase Orders, and other criteria for each of your warehouse locations.

Backorder to supplier

Create backorders for your Sales Orders or Spare Requests. Copy all items automatically and maintain automatic traceability between sales and purchase flows.

Shipping to site

Deliver items at the project site or at the customer location. Copy customer and delivery address information and maintain automatic traceability.

Safety Stock

Maintain Safety Stock levels for fast-moving items. Get purchase alerts when the effective inventory goes below the safety stock level.

Lot Size

Your suppliers sometimes have MOQs. Some items need to be in ordered certain quantities due to shipping constraints. Lot sizes ensure that you purchase in multiples of predetermined quantities.

Professional Purchase Orders

Create error-free Purchase Orders based with data carried over from Indents. Manage approval workflows and create detailed and professionally looking Purchase Orders in no time. Send POs to suppliers directly from GrowSmart.

Past Purchase Prices

Instantly check the previous purchase prices from different suppliers without leaving the purchase order window. Negotiate better and get the best rates.

Multi-level approvals

Get your POs approved by different levels. Configure limit based approvals and manage by exception. Get alerts on the app and approve on the go.

Attach specifications and drawings

Have drawings or specifications you want to send to a supplier? Simply attach them to the super-board and email to the suppliers.

PO Amendments and versions

Amend Purchase Orders after they are issued to Supplier. Track each version separately and clearly communicate changes to your Supplier with version numbers.

Pending Delivery Reminders

For scope changes, amend and create new version of estimation. Track multiple versions. Review the changes made in each version with system highlighted differences.


No longer need an item from your Supplier? Just pre-close the PO and send a notification to your supplier. It will be removed from all pending lists giving you accurate tracking.

Multiple UOMs

Maintain multiple units of measure for your items. GrowSmart automatically sets the Purchase Unit of measure and takes care of conversions for you.

Dual Unit PO (Billing UOM)

Metal items like copper pipes need rates to be specified in kg. But you need to maintain requests and inventory in Meters or Feet. With Billing UOM feature, you can specify the quantity in Meters, and rate in Kg. No more manual calculations, round off issues for stock.

Purchase Requests and approvals

Create Purchase Requests for stock purchases, internal material requirements. Get approvals from department heads. Convert Purchase Requests to Purchase Orders and automatically notify requestor at every step of the process until the material reaches them.

Requests for Quotation (RFQ)

Create and send RFQs to discover the best rates for your new items. Link RFQs to a project and get project specific rates from your suppliers.

Supplier suggestion

Get automated supplier suggestions based on previous purchase history. Very useful for getting recent prices for slow moving items. Or for getting project specific rates.

One-click email

Send separate RFQ emails to all suppliers in a single click. Suppliers will get list of items, but won't see the other suppliers.

Intelligent Comparison

Get intelligent visual comparison to find the lowest quote at the item level and at the overall quote level. See percentage variation of each quote from the lowest quote.

3-way matching for purchase bills

Purchase - Accounts coordination is a time consuming activity. When material is delivered to the site, it further delays the process with movement of papers between desks. GrowSmart does the 3-way matching automatically. Reduce time and effort taken for passing supplier bills.

App based GRN

Create GRN from site or warehouse with the mobile app with just a few taps. Take photographs of the shipment and attach it to the super-board.

Exception approvals

When there is quantity or rate mismatch, GrowSmart automatically requires exception approval. You can confidently approve supplier bills.

Upload bill copy

Site or warehouse staff can upload the bill copy from the supplier on the mobile app. Accounts can verify the bill copy without passing around hard copies.

Purchase Returns and Debit Notes

Create Purchase Returns and manage Debit Notes to your supplier with ease. Just reference the original PO, select the items and quantities to return. GrowSmart automatically pulls all required information for the Purchase Return and Debit Note documents. Error free, saves precious time.

Contractor Work Orders

Create Work Orders for sub-contract or labour work effortlessly. Track the entire lifecycle until work completion and invoicing / payment.

Send Contractor Work Orders

Create professional and error free Work Orders in no time. Get approvals and email to your suppliers with predefined mail templates.

Track completion status

Update the progress or completion status of Work Orders. Control contractor bill passing with completed quantities or status.

Contractor Bill passing

Convert Work Orders to bills and manage payments to contractors. Get reports on pending amount due to contractors less of advances.

Instant, accurate Purchase Reports

From pending indents, purchase history, to delayed receipt from your supplier, get the complete set of reports related to purchase. Increase effectiveness and efficiency of Purchase executives with TAT and Purchase-savings reports.

Item-wise Purchase history

Get historical purchase report for an item or supplier. Find out total aggregate purchases every month. Compare purchase value of each supplier month on month.

Pending delivery report

Get consolidated report on deliveries delayed from a supplier. Send reminder emails with predefined templates.

Purchase TAT

Measure the effectiveness of your purchase team with the turn-around-time report - from the time PR is approved to the time it takes for issuing the PO to the vendor.

Accounts Payable

Get Accounts Payable report with ageing. Provide visibility to your purchase team without depending on the accounts team for every supplier interaction.

Supplier Account Statement

Quickly access the detailed account statement for each supplier. Email it to the supplier directly from GrowSmart in just a few clicks.

Custom Reports

Use the powerful report builder feature to create reports and role specific MIS dashboards with the data from all departments.

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